10th August 2016

Dating Skills for Men

Dating Skills

How many women have you asked out this week?” This is the first question I ask any guy who comes to me for Dating Coaching. The answer is mostly “Zero”.

Are you currently stuck in a dating rut?

My name is Brian Halpin. I am a fully qualified Life Coach who specializes in Dating Skills for Men. For the last 5 years I have traveled around the world teaching hundreds of guys how to live a fulfilling and exciting dating life with a proven system I have developed. I was even awarded “Best New Coach” to the industry in 2014 at the world summit in Las Vegas.

So if you would like to kick-start your dating life you are in the right place.

The problem with most guys is that they are not taking action. They are too anxious to strike up a conversation with women they see and like. If they do happen to end up in a conversation they are overly agreeable, avoid saying anything that might offend her and their biggest fear is appearing sleazy so they hide their sexual agenda, they create no emotional tension, they make no moves which all leads to a dull and boring interaction.

She usually says something like: “He is a nice guy but I just don’t feel any chemistry”.

This chemistry is emotional tension and if there is just one thing I can teach you here it’s that: A WOMAN NEEDS EMOTIONAL TENSION IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE ATTRACTION FOR A MAN AND TO STAY ATTRACTED TO HIM.¬†

On this course, I am doing to teach you everything you need to know to get more dates, become more confident in yourself and keep women attracted to you.

You will learn:

  • Understanding Women: Basic Female Psychology
  • Mating Value: How to Become Universally Attractive
  • Master Your Mind: Using Dating as a Tool for Massive Personal Development
  • Dating Skills: Testing for Interest, Authentic Social Skills, Creating Emotional Tension
  • Perfecting Your Practice: Online Dating, Effective Cold Approaching, Becoming a Social Leader
  • Finding Your Ideal Woman: First Dates, Women to Avoid & Finding Your Ideal Woman

Unless you were successful with women from a young age, chances are you will have to learn these skills consciously until they become second nature to you. These essential skills not only skyrocket your success with women but make you become a better man and a natural leader in all areas of life.

So if you are ready to take action, start meeting women, going on dates and getting your unfair advantage on all the other males out there then send me a mail now and we will schedule a quick 30 minute chat to see if you are a good fit for the program. You can e-mail me at brian@bhalpin.com with the title “Essential Dating Skills For Men” and we will take it from there.