The Right Way to Approach Women

Most guys who are unsuccessful with women tend to sweat the small stuff. Common questions I am asked include “How fast or slow should I walk?”, “How should I move my head when checking women out?”, “Should I be standing around like this?”, “Is it better to be direct or indirect?” and so on.


There are certainly things that can make an approach more effective but there is no one right way to do it. So, don’t sweat the small stuff.

The biggest obstacle to you having great social interactions is your attachments to an outcome. This means that your mind really wants something to go a certain way and believes you will feel better and your life will be better if you get this thing.

That is why I say your approach is nothing more than a “TEST” of her level of interest in wanting to continue an interaction with you. Nothing more. So you can drop the agenda and the need for it to go a certain way.

There are things you can consciously do to drive up interests levels if there is any there in the first place. If her interest level is high, she will make things easy for you. If her interest level is low then no amount of ploughing through, magic tricks or hypnosis will change this. In this case, it is better to wish her well, move on and make space for those women who are showing high interest in wanting to be with you.

Author: Brian Halpin

Brian is recognized as a leading expert in the personal development world today. He was awarded “Best New Dating Coach” in 2014 and continues to work alongside all the big names in the industry. His mission is to lead and inspire you to raise your standards and be your personal best year on year.

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