Single Guys: 3 Things All Women Want From Men

Do You Know What Women Want?

Do you know what triggers a woman’s biochemistry in a way that she will feel irresistibly attracted to you? If your reading this chances are you confuse what women look for in relationships with what you look for. This leads to many misconceptions about women and dating.

In her article The Truth About What Women Really Want From Men Rene Slansky clears up the misconceptions that guys have about what women want from a man in a relationship. She believes a fundamental understanding of women is needed if a guy is to live an exciting dating life.

She says:When men understand the difference between what a woman actually needs as opposed to what he thinks she wants, that is when they will start to comprehend the female mind and begin to make progress.

In another article This is What Women Actually Want From Men Chuck Chapman takes the view that men mistake the lack of trust in the interaction for lack of attraction.

He says: “If she isn’t responding to you sexually, it may have to do more with a lack of trust than a lack of attraction.

There are 3 things you can do right away to ensure you are pressing the right buttons and sparking her attraction switches.

TRUST — this means you are a man of integrity. You are a “what you see is what you get” kinda guy. Whatever you say you will do, you back it up with action.

YOUR PRESENCE — A woman wants to feel she has your undivided attention. When you are with here, be with her. Be in the now. Don’t be checking your phone, looking at other women, thinking of work or other worries.

SHE WANTS TO FEEL DESIRED — A woman wants you to recognize her beauty whether it is physical or about her personality. Express your desire for her. Be it a look, a smile or words. Make her feel like your “only girl in the world”.

I challenge you to pay attention when you communicate with women and focus on these 3 pillars: Trust, Presence & Desire.

Author: Brian Halpin

Brian is recognized as a leading expert in the personal development world today. He was awarded “Best New Dating Coach” in 2014 and continues to work alongside all the big names in the industry. His mission is to lead and inspire you to raise your standards and be your personal best year on year.

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